CostsMaster launch new and improved website for 2015

CostsMaster have just launched their new and improved website fresh for 2015. The new website has been designed to provide a much more intuitive and user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout. It allows visitors to easily access detailed product information and the latest downloadable versions of the CostsMaster software.

The new home page features a menu tool bar with quick links to all areas of the site including downloads, training and support. A welcome new addition to the site is the live CostsMaster Twitter feed which appears along the bottom of all web pages along with the CostsMaster live news feed meaning there is always current relevant industry information to hand.

Also new to the site is the Testimonials page featuring the latest CostsMaster product reviews given by current users of the product.

CostsMaster are confident the new website will improve the online experience for all visitors and are keen to gather feedback to keep in mind for future updates.


Vikki Knight, Marketing Manager, CostsMaster,                      Twitter: @CostsMaster