Saved Documents and Templates

How to Locate your Saved Documents and Templates

For the majority of users, the default location for CostsMaster files is (My) Documents\CostsMaster Files. Program templates and sample files are stored in sub folders e.g. (My) Documents\CostsMaster Files\Program Templates.

Whilst this is the default location you may have customised CostsMaster to save some or all of these files to different locations, or if you have had CostsMaster installed on your PC for a very long time (prior to version 2.5) the location may be different. To establish the current default location for your files and templates:

  • Start CostsMaster
  • Go to the Options menu and click on “Local Settings”
  • Select “File Locations” in the left hand pane
  • The right hand panel will display the default locations for your CostsMaster files, exported documents, CostsMaster backup files and CostsMaster program templates.

Please note that whilst this is the default location, files of these types could be saved in other locations on your PC. If you are transferring files to a new PC we would strongly recommend you search your entire system for files with these search strings for all versions of the program that the user has ever had:

CostsMaster Draftsman version 5
Draftsman Files *.cmxd, *.cmx^^
Draftsman Templates *.cmxdt, *.cmxt^^
CostsMaster Draftsman Exported Bills and Budgets^ *.rtf, *.xls, *.xlsx
CostsMaster Draftsman Export Templates *** *.xml
CostsMaster Quota version 5
Quota Files *.cmxq
Quota Templates *.cmxqt
CostsMaster Quota Exported Budgets & N260^ *.rtf, *.xls
CostsMaster Quota Export Templates *** *.xml
CostsMaster Draftsman version 3 & 4
CostsMaster 3 & 4 Files *.cm3
CostsMaster 3 & 4 Templates *.cmt
CostsMaster 3 & 4 Export Templates *** *.xml
CostsMaster Draftsman version 2
CostsMaster 2 Files *.cdc
CostsMaster 2 Forms *.cmf
CostsMaster 2 Program Templates *.cdt
Word Export Templates ** *.dot
CostsMaster 2 Exported Bills^ *.doc, *.docx


^^ The .cmx and .cmxt file extensions are only relevant to users who had an early public beta of version 5.

*** These are relevant only if you have imported templates into CostsMaster. Templates installed by the program will be backed up by the Backup Settings function, even if you have altered the default values. Please note that the .xml file extension is common and by no means all files with such an extension will be CostsMaster templates.

^ These are the default formats used but the files may have been saved in other word processor formats. There will be many other word processor files on your system that are not related to CostsMaster and whether or not you need to copy them to your new PC is a matter for you.