CostsMaster 4.3.20 Public Beta

A new version of CostsMaster is available to download from the public beta page.

New in 4.3.20

Bug Fixes

a)    Grid to Display CLAIM1 Part Export Options not showing when exporting a CLAIM1A

a)    Parts not exporting to CCMS if the Part Export Options had been set to “Not Exported”.
b)   Attendances within undated procedural steps exporting in reverse order.
c)   Disbursement Types not checked for compatible CCMS values for files saved by 4.2.30 and later.
d)   Opening files saved by version 4.2 did not correct the case of the following expert and disbursement types to make them compatible with CCMS: Lip reader / Signer, Medical consultant, Medical microbiologist, Nursing expert, Occupational therapist, Surveyor (Non-Housing Disrepair), Surveyor (Housing Disrepair).

3. Export Phrases
a)    Adding a character style to the Front Sheet – Receiving Parties Legal Aid phrase caused an error in the RTF which causes Word to repeat the front sheet (once in Word 2013, unlimited times in 2010).