CostsMaster 4.4 is released

Version 4.4 of CostsMaster is now available to download.

New in 4.4.6

1. Exported Bills

a) New phase summary for service with the Notice of Commencement

2. Costs Budgets

a) Changes to the way calculations using fractional hours are carried out to give less rounding differences when comparing budgets with phase bills.

b) New Costs Column removed from Costs Budget Grid

c) Previously Incurred and Anticipated columns removed from Costs Budget Grid and Edit Costs Budget Phase window.

d) Only the budgeted column shows colours and hint percentages.

e) Costs Budget Report altered to rename columns in line with above, alter the percentage calculation so it works on the budgeted costs only and reorder some columns for clarity.

3. Notice of Commencement

a) Amendments to forms to bring them up to date with latest versions


a) New CLAIM1 v18 and CLAIM1A v9 forms effective from 1/11/15.

5. Documentation

a) User Guide and Help File Updated

Bug Fixes

1. Narrative

a) Error when accessing the clipboard where it has been locked by another application.

2. Grids

a) Using the function to reset the grid settings sometimes caused an AV when reopening the window or when the program was closed.

3. N260

a) Documents produced in LAA funded cases where FAS would apply did not warn the user that any advocacy attendances they had recorded would not be exported.

4. Costs Budgets

a) Budget percentage always being rounded up to the next highest number resulting in strange values when the budget and costs were very slightly apart.

5. Misc.

a) Memory leak after using Profiles manager and tip of the day windows.

b) Improved handling of errors encountered when saving files.