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Whilst we test every version of CostsMaster thoroughly on a range of systems and by a number of different people, some bugs only materialise on particular combinations of hardware or as a result of a very specific series of actions. The public beta versions on this page have been tested by us as thoroughly as we can, and are now made available for other users to try.

The advantage to you is you get the benefit of new features at the earliest opportunity but there is a risk that you will uncover a hitherto undiscovered bug. Usually these are fairly minor but we cannot guarantee that and you should bear this in mind before downloading a public beta. We are extremely grateful to all the users who choose to assist in this way and should you encounter a serious problem we will do all we can to ensure you don’t lose work if at all possible. However we would recommend that you make regular manual backups of your file so that you can easily revert to an earlier stage if necessary.

Files saved with a new version are generally incompatible with older versions (though we can usually backdate a file for you should you need us to do so) and you should consider whether your files need to be shared with other users before downloading a public beta.

I'm afraid there are no downloads available at the moment.