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LinkCostsMaster Draftsman 5.4.3

New in 5.4.3

1. Case Plans
a) New Export templates for Junior and Leader June 2019 Case Plans
b) New Section in Case Plan window to record justification for distant Counsel as required for June 2019 CCFS Case Plans.
c) New box in Case Plan General section for Final Submission.

2. Events
a) New controls on the Edit Procedural Step Events window to allow the claiming of travel for Counsel.

3. Import Work
a) New option to not assign tasks if they conflict with an existing phase. Also includes a warning when importing in budget mode with this option on that any tasks set will be overwritten.

4. Local Settings
a) File Locations and Export Viewer Location boxes now expand when the Local Settings Window is widened.
b) New option in About window to open the settings and program folders in Windows Explorer.

5. New Format Bills
a) v1 New Format Bills hidden by default in the Export Wizard

6. Costs Budgets
a) 2017 Costs Budgets hidden by default in the Export Wizard

7. Court Of Protection
a) Routine Letters Out renamed within the program as “COP Routine Letters”. Export phrases are unaltered.

8. Licensing
a) Update to the client libraries (v4.1.8.0) for communication with network and online product key licence servers.
b) Cancel button hidden and OK button renamed to “Close” on Licence Management Window.

9. Quota
a) Running Draftsman in Quota mode is deprecated. The shortcut to do so is no longer installed and double clicking a .cmxq file will open it in Draftsman without the option to open in Quota. Quota mode remains accessible by manually running “CostsMaster.exe /QUOTA” but this mode should be considered as running in a beta state as it will have picked up new changes to Draftsman automatically but they will not have undergone explicit testing in this mode.

10. Documentation
a) Shortcut Sheet updated
b) Quick Start guide to New Format Bills updated

Bug Fixes

1. Case Plans
a) AV when exporting a non-events case plan containing a part set to “Events Escaped”.
b) Case Plans didn’t show CCMS numbers for CCMS cases.
c) Single Advocate Case plan showed Counsel’s times attendances incorrectly in the escaped costs section.
d) Timed work in escaped costs table was all grouped together under the last type of work to be exported.
e) CCFS case plan showed a date in the Solicitor/Counsel column for FAS hearings for previous solicitors.

2. Phase Task & Activity
a) Removed outdated references to other J-Codes from long descriptions.
b) Some descriptions had their special quote characters replaced with unknown symbol characters.

3. Legal Aid Claims
a) Claim1/A not showing the CCMS reference when only the CCMS reference is recorded.

4. New Format Bill
a) Warning about exporting a NFB with the budget comparison set to “incurred and anticipated” appeared even when a budget had not been set.
b) Negative figures not showing in the RTF version of the Budget v Bill Comparison.

5. Licensing
a) Error code not displayed when activation of product key fails

6. Rates
a) Shift + Enter shortcut to apply preparation rate to other rate types did not round up figures applied to routine rate types.

7. N260
a) AV when exporting an N260A/B with a Counsel’s Fee that is zero.

8. Import Work
a) Option to assign Phase, task and activity during import not working correctly.

9. Export Phrases
a) Closing brackets missing from phrase descriptions for two tag related phrases in Bill – General section.

10. Main Toolbar
a) Fixed issue with toolbar buttons being hidden in the overflow area when there is space available.
b) Fixed certain buttons on toolbar being displaced.

11. Misc.
a) Email support looked in wrong place for settings files.
b) Licence Manager button on the tool bar invoked the old Dongle Manager window.