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LinkCostsMaster Draftsman 5.4.17

New in 5.4.17

1. Costs Budgets
a) Additional wording added to the Statement of Truth export Phrase

2. Breakdowns/Statements of Costs
a) Additional wording added to the N260 Export Phrase & N260AB Statements of Truth
b) New Option in Breadkdown Settings Window, N260AB Page, to export the N260AB using either Budget Phases or New Format Bill Phases

Bug Fixes

1. Import Work
a) Fixed bug in Manage Mappings – setting column in extra row (disbs) to ‘None’ didn’t save.

2. Enhancement
a) (in 5.4) Entering individual figures in the Edit Enhancement window did not work if the original value was zero.
b) Using the Auto-complete enhancement short cut after manually entering values higher up the window caused the manually entered values to be lost.

3. Pending Work
a) AV when resolving negative time when the grid filter is enabled.

4. Export Wizard
a) In Quota mode, no export templates were listed for Costs Budgets.

New in 5.4.15

1. Case Details
a) County Court and Family Court titles now use “at” rather than “in”.
b) Crown Court title now appears as “The Crown Court at…”.

2. Legal Aid Claims
a) Alteration of note regarding changes of solicitor on the pages for specific aspects on the Legal Aid Claim Settings Window.

Bug Fixes

1. Pending Work
a) Splitting an attendance by percentage resulted in the percentage symbol being included in the input box leading to invalid format errors.

2. Grids
a) Hints did not show on secondary monitor positioned to the left or above the primary.

3. N260A/B
a) (in 5.4.10) Sorting by Counsel Type in v2 Forms not working correctly.

4. Presets
a) Two Counsel Events presets in the Presets window did not show the heading for the second counsel table.

5. Costs Budgets
a) County Court and Family Court titles did not use the modern wording.

6. N260A/B
a) Duplicate “the” before receiving party’s name in the VAT certificate.

7. Case Plans
a) Counsel Expenses not showing in Control Centre Totals
b) CCFS Case plans showing the Junior Escaped Costs VAT figure for the equivalent QC value.
c) CCFS Case Plans Leading Counsel Total included the Leading Counsel FAS figure rather than the Leading Counsel FAS VAT figure.
d) CCFS Case plans did not show the total Costs Summary amounts in bold.
e) Leading Counsel travel expenses not claimed correctly in CCFS Leading Counsel Case plans.
f) Typo in heading of Care Case Case Plans.

8. Control Centre
a) Control Centre width expands slightly after restoring the window when it had been physically minimised.
b) Excluded parts absent from Control Centre totals with following parts taking their place.

9. Misc.
a) Some admin users being idenified as ordinary users and being refused permission to run the installer.
b) After failing to load a file in trial mode because it exceeded the limitations, no further file could be loaded or started irrespective of size.

New in 5.4.10

1. Disbursements
a) New field for Counsel Type as used for the new N260A/B
b) Edit Disbursements and Edit Pending Disbursements windows redesigned with the controls split onto separate pages.
c) Properties boxes on the Edit Disbursement window now show the icon of the property next to them.

2. Parts
a) Paying Party and Receiving Party fields removed from Parts (used only in an early version of the New Format Bill)

3. Licensing
a) New connectivity check for Local Activation.

4. New Format Bill
a) New page on the New Format Bill Settings window for Success Fees, with the option to include the success fee in the Costs Draftsman’s fee calculation.
b) New Option on New Bill Settings Window, General page to specify the value at which the numbering in the exported document starts.

5. N260A/B
a) New N260A v2 and N260B v2 Templates in XLSX, RTF and PDF formats.
b) N260A and N260B templates marked as superseded.
c) Change to the way VAT is handled in the Profit Costs sheet of the XLSX version: If the items have different VAT rates it behaves as before (extra column showing the rate and formula to calculate the VAT amount) but where there rates are the same, instead of just including the VAT amount it is now entered as a formula of Base Profit Costs * whatever the VAT rate is, which means the VAT amount will update if the time is altered.
d) If the LTM Grade is not specified in the Categories window (either Description 2 or 3 depending on the setting), an attempt is made to extract it from Description 1 which will work if it is in the form of “Grade A” etc.

6. Case Plans
a) CCFS June 2019 Leading Counsel Case Plan updated to July 2019 version.

7. Import Work
a) Type of file and CM/Custom format settings now remembered.
b) Improvements to method for matching imported work to parties.
c) Check box options in Import Wizard are now remembered.

8. Legal Aid Claims
a) CCMS FAS ordinary and FDR Hearings of between 10 and 15 hours now export as a single entry and only entries above this limit are split into two.
b) new fields on Legal Aid Claim Settings window Care 2011 page for fields mandatory in Special Children Act cases.

9. Pending Work
a) New option to combine identical routine items when moving to selected location.

10. Procedural Steps
a) Edit Events window for procedural steps where the Counsel FGF/FAS property has been set now shows Counsel entries as “None/FAS” to indicate that this must be selected for the step to be exported as FAS.

11. Column Bills
a) New Option on Bill Settings Window, General page to specify the value at which the numbering in the exported document starts.

12. Control Centre
a) Column widths now expand for large amounts.

13. Documentation
a) User Guide and Licensing Guide and help files updated.

14. Misc.
a) The width of the resizable panel is now remembered in the following windows: Rates, Case Plan, Claim1, Local Settings, Grid Settings, Toolbar Settings, Abbreviations, Presets, Export Phrases.
b) The program and installer and now digitally signed.

Bug Fixes

1. Import Work
a) Leading and trailing spaces not being stripped from fields imported from XLSX files.
b) Split Pending Attendances did not work correctly for unitary rate types.
c) Accessing Parts, Parties, Rates and Categories windows did not always work if they were already open.
d) Import Wizard Assign Location On state was not persistent.

2. Party Details
a) When in COP or CRIM mode Routine items were created with erroneous phase IDs which sometimes resulted in problems when removing them and, if altered to show all features, showed the phases as “Error”.
b) When in COP or CRIM mode and NFB mode, routine items added via the grid did not match against existing items causing separate underlying attendances to be created.
c) When in COP or CRIM mode and NFB mode, routine items added via the shortcut showed the phase as “Error”.

3. Control Centre
a) Where a Costs Draftsman’s fee was not in the last part and where success fees were included in the CD fee calculation, the CD fee figure shown in the control centre was calculated not just on the costs up to the part containing the CD fee but on the costs of subsequent parts as well (exported documents were unaffected).
b) Success fees set to appear in the last part still appeared in the last actual part in the Control Centre even when the part was excluded.

4. New Format Bill
a) Exporting a New Format Bill with a square bracket in the file name caused problems when viewed in Excel. Now square brackets are replaced by round brackets for the exported XLSX file.

5. N260A/B
a) Items were included in the documents schedule based on location in the documents section in CostsMaster, rather than based on their activity being Plan, Prepare, Draft Review.
b) LTM Grade if left blank in CM appeared as series of numbers starting from 2.
c) Lump sums not exporting the amount to the Docs schedule XLSX

6. Grids
a) Pound signs showing as “�” on windows showing the results of searches.

7. Rates
a) Reducing the Category Box width to zero in the Rates window caused a Range Check error.

8. Import Work
a) Party match feature not working correctly during import.

9. Parties
a) Import match data not being retained when entered via the Edit window.

10. Case Plans
b) Counsel Initials not appearing against FAS claims in CCFS Junior and Leading Counsel Case Plans.
c) Enabling Counsel FAS for a procedural step caused both Junior and QC claims to be shown on the CCFS Leading Counsel Case Plan even where no Counsel was specified.
d) Solicitor Initials not appearing for Non Attendance events in CCFS Case Plans

11. Grids
a) Data could be lost where a keyboard shortcut was executed before the data was committed.
b) Divide by zero exception when auto completing.
c) Occasional AV on visible grids when a new file is loaded.
e) Some RCtrl + RShift shortcuts did not commit data in grids.

12. Licensing
a) If a product key network or online lease failed to be obtained it was necessary to restart the program before a new lease could be obtained.

13. History/Undo
a) Undoing a change in the rates window when the category name contained parenthesis caused a “Category not found” error.
b) Use Rates From Part value not always restored after undoing a merge parts operation.

14. Summarily Assessed Costs
a) Text on Edit window partially hidden

15. Costs Budgets
a) Work recorded for a party where the party is excluded wrongly appeared in the Costs Budget grid (but was not included in exported documents).

16. Misc.
a) AV caused by delayed update message received during file verification.
b) AV during a complex undo operation.
c) AVs due to simultaneous operations when loading or verifying a file

New in 5.4.3

1. Case Plans
a) New Export templates for Junior and Leader June 2019 Case Plans
b) New Section in Case Plan window to record justification for distant Counsel as required for June 2019 CCFS Case Plans.
c) New box in Case Plan General section for Final Submission.

2. Events
a) New controls on the Edit Procedural Step Events window to allow the claiming of travel for Counsel.

3. Import Work
a) New option to not assign tasks if they conflict with an existing phase. Also includes a warning when importing in budget mode with this option on that any tasks set will be overwritten.

4. Local Settings
a) File Locations and Export Viewer Location boxes now expand when the Local Settings Window is widened.
b) New option in About window to open the settings and program folders in Windows Explorer.

5. New Format Bills
a) v1 New Format Bills hidden by default in the Export Wizard

6. Costs Budgets
a) 2017 Costs Budgets hidden by default in the Export Wizard

7. Court Of Protection
a) Routine Letters Out renamed within the program as “COP Routine Letters”. Export phrases are unaltered.

8. Licensing
a) Update to the client libraries (v4.1.8.0) for communication with network and online product key licence servers.
b) Cancel button hidden and OK button renamed to “Close” on Licence Management Window.

9. Quota
a) Running Draftsman in Quota mode is deprecated. The shortcut to do so is no longer installed and double clicking a .cmxq file will open it in Draftsman without the option to open in Quota. Quota mode remains accessible by manually running “CostsMaster.exe /QUOTA” but this mode should be considered as running in a beta state as it will have picked up new changes to Draftsman automatically but they will not have undergone explicit testing in this mode.

10. Documentation
a) Shortcut Sheet updated
b) Quick Start guide to New Format Bills updated

Bug Fixes

1. Case Plans
a) AV when exporting a non-events case plan containing a part set to “Events Escaped”.
b) Case Plans didn’t show CCMS numbers for CCMS cases.
c) Single Advocate Case plan showed Counsel’s times attendances incorrectly in the escaped costs section.
d) Timed work in escaped costs table was all grouped together under the last type of work to be exported.
e) CCFS case plan showed a date in the Solicitor/Counsel column for FAS hearings for previous solicitors.

2. Phase Task & Activity
a) Removed outdated references to other J-Codes from long descriptions.
b) Some descriptions had their special quote characters replaced with unknown symbol characters.

3. Legal Aid Claims
a) Claim1/A not showing the CCMS reference when only the CCMS reference is recorded.

4. New Format Bill
a) Warning about exporting a NFB with the budget comparison set to “incurred and anticipated” appeared even when a budget had not been set.
b) Negative figures not showing in the RTF version of the Budget v Bill Comparison.

5. Licensing
a) Error code not displayed when activation of product key fails

6. Rates
a) Shift + Enter shortcut to apply preparation rate to other rate types did not round up figures applied to routine rate types.

7. N260
a) AV when exporting an N260A/B with a Counsel’s Fee that is zero.

8. Import Work
a) Option to assign Phase, task and activity during import not working correctly.

9. Export Phrases
a) Closing brackets missing from phrase descriptions for two tag related phrases in Bill – General section.

10. Main Toolbar
a) Fixed issue with toolbar buttons being hidden in the overflow area when there is space available.
b) Fixed certain buttons on toolbar being displaced.

11. Misc.
a) Email support looked in wrong place for settings files.
b) Licence Manager button on the tool bar invoked the old Dongle Manager window.