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Product Initial Payments Monthly Subscription
First licence £400.00 £75.00
Additional licences £200.00 £65.00

All prices above will be subject to VAT.

Annual payments in advance qualify for a discount of 10% on the Monthly subscription fees. Orders of 10 licences or more may qualify for a volume discount. Please contact us for a quotation.

The subscription fee covers your continuing right to use the software, technical support and upgrades to the software which we will make available as soon as they are ready. The subscription fee may increase over time if necessary to maintain our quality of service to you.

If you have any questions please send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

To purchase the software please first download the program. When you install and run this you will be greeted with a window that will take you through the creation of an Order form.

Are you a sole trader? If so you may qualify for our special introductory offer.

We are waiving the monthly subscription for costs draftsmen who are sole traders for the first three months. This offer applies only to persons purchasing a single licence who are in business either on their own account or as a freelance Costs Draftsman.

To take advantage of this offer simply download the software in the usual way. When the program is started a “trial window” is displayed that will contain a “purchase” button. Click this to generate an Order form and standing order payment which can then be dated three months hence.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse to grant a licence under the terms of this offer if we feel the circumstances warrant us so doing.

What our users are saying.

  • I have always found CostMaster to be efficient and it helps me to produce bills quickly and to a high standard. Sue Parker, Lampkin & Co Solicitors

  • CostsMaster is definitely one of the best software programmes for legal costing. Rachel Harding-Hill, TRS Legal Costs

  • I love CostsMaster because it is really useful and speeds up the drafting process. It is also really easy to use and if you have any issues the support team are always happy to help. Katie Williamson, Winn Solicitors

  • Almost certainly the most efficient drafting software currently available. John Pickett, TM Costings

  • The help you are able to provide and the fact that you respond to queries so speedily is invaluable. Danielle Spragg, Elite Law Solicitors

  • Keep up the good work, could not live without CostsMaster especially now with CCMS! Jeff Francis, Costs Lawyer

  • I love the costs budget scales and Precedent Q exported table. Abbi Sargeant, Asons Solicitors

  • It makes it so easy to prepare such a vast range of documents at the click of a button. Melissa Aspin, John M Hayes

  • Made by Costs Lawyers for Costs Lawyers. Need I say more? Anil Virji, Civil & Commercial

  • Simple to use, covers the vast majority of Bills that I prepare and its accuracy when calculating large multi-part bills is second to none. Darren Price, Willis Legal

  • I am always impressed at how CostsMaster keep up to date in the rapidly changing world of costs. The Costs Budgeting changes were brought in seamlessly, and further additions have been made swiftly as the law evolves. Steven Jones, CIQ

  • CostsMaster is overall a really helpful and time saving programme and has been a great help to me. Eleanor Rowledge, Blake Morgan

  • CostsMaster is definitely one of the best software programmes for legal costing. It comes with useful instructions which help to get you started quickly. Rachel Harding-Hill, TRS Legal Costs