Product Overview

CostsMaster Quota is a specialist software tool for the preparation of costs budgets and N260s which is ideally suited for use by solicitors.

When time is of the essence as a result of court imposed deadlines Quota can help prepare accurate and compliant documents speedily and easily. It is a streamlined version of Draftsman with only the necessary elements in view.

Work can be easily recorded, in as much detail as you wish, and then Quota calculates the figures for you. Details of the opposing parties budgets can be entered in order to prepare the Precedent R Budget Discussion Report. For further information, and without the need for any additional work, Quota can also produce a Budget Comparison document, a Budget Report and Supporting Documentation.

As with Draftsman, work can be imported from a time recording system and then amended or excluded as appropriate.

Throughout the proceedings budgets can be updated so that the costs can be monitored and compared to the anticipated costs.

Following completion of the case there is no need to duplicate all of the work entered in respect of the incurred costs as the file can be imported into Draftsman and used as the basis of the phase bill.

Detailed Features


Produce Budgets quickly in Word, PDF & Excel with optional supporting documentation for the advocate at the hearing

Import opponent’s Budget and produce a comparison in Word & Excel

Manage Budgets simply and effectively and produce a report of how the current costs stack up against the Budget

Import Work

Import work from time recording systems in XML, CSV or Excel format

Easily map CSV files not in the prescribed format and save the mapping for future use

Quickly split bulk work into individual elements, add any missing work and exclude non-recoverable items

Import work from other CostsMaster files


Simplified entry when recording work

Preview any document instantly

Display running totals for the budget or current part with options regarding the level of detail shown

A range of searches allow you to locate items that are blank or that have unassigned phases, estimated time or are excluded

Create templates with frequently entered data to save you time when starting a new file

Abbreviations can be defined for frequently used words and phrases which are immediately expanded to their full text

Record notes which can optionally appear as annotations in exported documents

Program functions can be accessed by mouse or keyboard shortcut for speed of entry of information

Safety features include timed auto saves and incremental backups to preserve data in the event of a system crash

Use the History window to instantly revert to any point in the current session or any saved backup

Save the contents of any grid to a CSV file for loading into Excel

Quickly locate items in grids using the comprehensive filter and sort options

Recording Work

Claim attendances as time or a lump sum figure.  Time can be entered interchangeably as minutes, units or hours and minutes and the program will automatically interpret the time you have recorded

Pricing Options

Product Initial Payments Monthly Subscription
First Licence £200.00 £45.00
Additional Licences £100.00 £40.00

All prices above will be subject to VAT.

Annual payments in advance qualify for a discount of 10% on the Monthly subscription fees. Orders of 10 licences or more may qualify for a volume discount. Please contact us for a quotation.

The subscription fee covers your continuing right to use the software, technical support and upgrades to the software which we will make available as soon as they are ready. The subscription fee may increase over time if necessary to maintain our quality of service to you.

If you have any questions please send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

To purchase the software please first download the program. When you install and run this you will be greeted with a window that will take you through the creation of an Order form.

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 7 onwards (including Windows Server)

Office Software for Bill Generation

  • Word 2007 onwards
  • Excel 2007 onwards (for Costs Budgets only)


CostsMaster will create exported documents with any version of Office 365, but with online copies of Office 365 the ability to automatically view documents after export is dependent on Windows’ ability to launch the apps based on the relevant file extensions (.rtf, .xlsx). Should this not be possible to do automatically, it is always possible to view the files by launching the online application manually.


  • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution. Multiple Displays supported.


  • No special requirements. Any machine capable of running the supported operating systems should suffice. As with everything, the faster the machine, the better.


  • 512MB – 1GB Ram (1 – 2GB recommended)

Hard Drive Space

100 MB free space on your hard drive

What our users are saying.

  • I love CostsMaster because it is really useful and speeds up the drafting process. It is also really easy to use and if you have any issues the support team are always happy to help. Katie Williamson, Winn Solicitors

  • I am always impressed at how CostsMaster keep up to date in the rapidly changing world of costs. The Costs Budgeting changes were brought in seamlessly, and further additions have been made swiftly as the law evolves. Steven Jones, CIQ

  • The help you are able to provide and the fact that you respond to queries so speedily is invaluable. Danielle Spragg, Elite Law Solicitors

  • I have always found CostMaster to be efficient and it helps me to produce bills quickly and to a high standard. Sue Parker, Lampkin & Co Solicitors

  • CostsMaster is definitely one of the best software programmes for legal costing. It comes with useful instructions which help to get you started quickly. Rachel Harding-Hill, TRS Legal Costs

  • CostsMaster is overall a really helpful and time saving programme and has been a great help to me. Eleanor Rowledge, Blake Morgan