To download these files click the link and, if asked, save the file to a location on your computer you will remember. We recommend you create a “downloads” folder in which to save the files. (If upgrading do not select the CostsMaster icon on the desktop!) When the download has completed simply double click the downloaded file to start the installation or open the document.

Beta Downloads

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman 5.6.15

This version has a number of bug fixes relating to, amongst others, electronic bills, searches and splitting parts.

LinkCostsMaster Quota 5.6.10

New in 5.6.10

1. Import Work
a) New local Option to Round Import times to nearest minute. Resolves an issue where times that are fractionally less than a minute are rounded down by Excel.
b) New fields added to Import Mapping:- Attendances: Counsel, Category 2, FE Initials, Lump Sum Amount; Disbursements: Counsel, Percentage, Payee, Invoice No, Date Paid, Other Costs Description
c) Additional file type filters added to Open File dialog.

2. Presets
a) Boxes now expand as the window gets wider.

3. Searches
a) New search for items marked Draw Attention
b) Maximise button added to window.

4. Licensing
a) New licensing library files (v4.4.4.0) for local and network product keys.
b) New option in Licence Management window to auto-deactivate local activation on close and re-activate on start up.
c) You can now enter the password for online licence for a temporary session without storing it on the computer (for use in clients’ premises where you don’t want to leave it authenticated).
d) Error code for Invalid Product key changed to 2 to avoid confusion with other similar errors.

5. Exported Documents
a) Any files with a comma in the filename now have the comma removed from any exported document as this can give problems with Excel.

6. Documentation
a) User Guide and Help File updated
b) Licensing User Guide updated.

7. Misc
a) Warning message displayed at shutdown when the version of CostsMaster is more than a year old and the program is not checking for updates.

Bug Fixes

1. Parts
a) Start & End Date boxes had too small font in Edit Parts Window.

2. Main Toolbar
a) Case Details drop down hint not correct.

3. Find & Replace
a) Find & Replace all caused the process to hang when the replacement text contained the original text.
b) Failed to replace text for ReplaceAll when WithPrompt was selected.
c) Failed to Undo single replace operations when there was a lot of text in the cell.

4. Import work
a) Import rejected filenames with multiple file extensions.
b) Data was greyed out in unassigned columns when map type was set to “Either”.
c) Importing parts form a CostsMaster file where some of the fee earners have the same name but use categories with different names resulted in the categories not being created automatically, so that the user had to manually add the missing rates.
d) Control Centre was not updated after importing work.

5. Costs Budgets
a) Opponent Budget Initials are now limited to 10 characters as Excel has a restriction on the maximum length for a worksheet name. Any files with longer text in the initials field will still display this but it will not be editable beyond the 10th character.

6. Control Centre
a) Buttons not refreshed after a second file was loaded.

7. N260
a) Assertion Error when exporting an N260.

8. Export Phrases
a) Title text on the Export Phrases window sometimes obscured behind the adjacent control when editing phrases for an export template.

9. History/Undo
a) History added for various Export Settings windows.

10. Exported Documents
a) When exporting a document that cannot be saved because a file with the same name is open, the resulting message suggested clicking “Yes” would give the user the ability to select a different name but the save dialog didn’t appear.

11. Attendances
a) Changing multiple attendances from a fee earner to a Counsel (or vice versa) gave repeated warning messages for each attendance.

12. Export Wizard
a) Values being initialised incorrectly leading to the program thinking data had changed when it hadn’t.

13. Misc.
a) Backup Settings now only copies contents of Settings and Dictionaries folders.
b) Rare range check error when expanding an abbreviation.

LinkCostsMaster Licence Server 1.4.0

If you are using Network Product Keys, you will need to install this software on a non-virtual machine on the network.

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Draftsman version 5.

LinkCostsMaster Licensing User Guide

The user guide for all forms of licensing.

LinkCostsMaster Quota User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Quota version 5.

LinkGuide to Upgrading to Version 5

A quick guide to the major changes in version 5.

LinkCostsMaster XML Schema & CSV Specifications

Download the XML Schema for importing data into CostsMaster.

Requires CostsMaster 3.4 or later.

LinkCostsMaster Dongle Server 7.3.0

This updates Dinkey Server and Dinkey Change to the latest versions. These are compatible with all existing versions of CostsMaster and with all network dongles.

The Licensing User guide is also updated to the latest version.