To download these files click the link and, if asked, save the file to a location on your computer you will remember. We recommend you create a “downloads” folder in which to save the files. (If upgrading do not select the CostsMaster icon on the desktop!) When the download has completed simply double click the downloaded file to start the installation or open the document.

Beta Downloads

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman 5.6.38

New in 5.6.38

1. Electronic Bills
a) COP-E template updated with changes for v2.1.

2. Export Phrases
a) Electronic Bill Certificate Heading Export Phrase changed to default to showing the text “Pre Assessment Certificates” but which can be removed if not required.

3. Documentation
a) COP-E Quick Start Guide Updated.

Bug Fixes

1. Electronic Bills
a) Formulae in the Final Certificate page of the COP-E could refer to wrong locations on the Front Sheet in rare circumstances
b) COP-E Bill description missing a space after the date of general management or other type of description.
c) Range Check Error when exporting a file containing very large Entry Nos.
a) Counsel were added to the Fee Earner table in the COP-E.
b) Routine items that were apparently similar would not be grouped in the COP-E if the internal task information was different.

2. Grids
a) Clipboard error in some circumstances when pasting into a grid cell in non-expanded mode.
b) AV or Integer Overflow when undoing a row paste operation.
c) Phase and Task columns visible in some grids when showing COP Activities.
d) Entering “AOT” as the Legal Aid Activity resulted in the wrong combo selection.

3. Party Details
a) Activity not visible when showing All Features and New Bill Phases, Tasks and Activities.

4. Parties
a) Implied phase label showing in the Edit Party window in an uninitialised state when showing all features + New Bill Phases or J-Codes
b) Property buttons hidden by other controls in the Edit Party window with certain combinations of settings.
Task box showing in Edit Parties window when showing COP Activities;
c) Edit Party Window described the N260 Party field as “N260 Section”.

5. Preview
a) 3 Column COP Traditional template previewed as if it were an inter partes template and included an Additional Liabilities section if recorded in the file.

6. Searches
a) Search for Unassigned Activities showed when showing COP Features or COP Activities.

7. Import Work
a) Entry Nos larger than 2147483647 imported as zero.

8. Documentation
a) Links to Quick Start Guides on the Welcome screen were in a different order to those on the main Help Menu and were missing the COP-E entry.

LinkCostsMaster Quota 5.6.23

New in 5.6.23

1. Tools
a) New local option to exclude excluded items from the spell check.

2. Misc.
a) Updates to Purchase Wizard.

3. Documentation
a) User Guide & Help File Updated.

Bug Fixes

1. Parts
a) Split parts allowed you to proceed without specifying a date.
b) Split parts did not warn the user if they were splitting a part at a date that was outside the range of any start and end date set for the part.
c) When splitting a part where the split date was earlier than the start date the program did not clear the start date of the existing part resulting in a date range where the end date was earlier than the start date.
e) The split parts window did not correctly explain how undated items would be handled.
f) History items being created when a user aborted a split parts operation.
g) Error when splitting parts.

2. Costs Budget
a) Warning about Anticipated lump sums not being included erroneously shown when exporting a Costs Budget Comparison.

3. History/Undo
a) History items being created when controls with focus change state as a result of changing parts.

4. Searches
a) AV when refreshing a search window in certain circumstances.
b) Toolbars not updating in search window after items are removed.

5. Licensing
a) When a user failed to get a lease from an online licence, the reason for this was not displayed.

New in 5.6.19

1. Court Details
a) Queen’s Bench Division renamed to King’s Bench Division


LinkCostsMaster Licence Server 1.4.0

If you are using Network Product Keys, you will need to install this software on a non-virtual machine on the network.

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Draftsman version 5.

LinkCostsMaster Licensing User Guide

The user guide for all forms of licensing.

LinkCostsMaster Quota User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Quota version 5.

LinkGuide to Upgrading to Version 5

A quick guide to the major changes in version 5.

LinkCostsMaster XML Schema & CSV Specifications

Download the XML Schema for importing data into CostsMaster.

Requires CostsMaster 3.4 or later.

LinkCostsMaster Dongle Server 7.3.0

This updates Dinkey Server and Dinkey Change to the latest versions. These are compatible with all existing versions of CostsMaster and with all network dongles.

The Licensing User guide is also updated to the latest version.