To download these files click the link and, if asked, save the file to a location on your computer you will remember. We recommend you create a “downloads” folder in which to save the files. (If upgrading do not select the CostsMaster icon on the desktop!) When the download has completed simply double click the downloaded file to start the installation or open the document.

Beta Downloads

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman 5.4.18

This version includes the latest N260A/B v2 forms, the latest CCFS Case Plans, revisions to the Statements of Truth on various forms plus many more minor improvements and bug fixes.

Update 9/4/18 – The installer now has the facility to specify the location of the install reinstated.

LinkCostsMaster Quota 5.3.7

Version 5.3 adds the new Precedent R, the new N260A & N260B plus many fixes and minor improvements.

Please note, this version includes changes to better support high resolution displays. Due to the huge number of different types of display available, we would urge any user with a very high resolution display to ensure the program displays properly before committing to using this version as files saved with 5.3 will not open in version 5.2 if you need to revert.

LinkCostsMaster Licence Server 1.2.4

If you are using Network Product Keys, you will need to install this software on a non-virtual machine on the network.

LinkCostsMaster Draftsman User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Draftsman version 5.

LinkCostsMaster Licensing User Guide

The user guide for all forms of licensing.

LinkCostsMaster Quota User Guide

The full user guide for CostsMaster Quota version 5.

LinkGuide to Upgrading to Version 5

A quick guide to the major changes in version 5.

LinkCostsMaster XML Schema & CSV Specifications

Download the XML Schema for importing data into CostsMaster.

Requires CostsMaster 3.4 or later.

LinkCostsMaster Dongle Server 7.3.0

This updates Dinkey Server and Dinkey Change to the latest versions. These are compatible with all existing versions of CostsMaster and with all network dongles.

The Licensing User guide is also updated to the latest version.