CostsMaster 4.3.31 Public Beta

Version 4.3.31 is now available to download as a public beta:

New in 4.3.31

1. N260
a)    Amended form with reference to Chartered Legal Executives.

Bug Fixes

1. Parts
a)    Access violation when exporting if the Success Fee column contains a link to a non-existent success fee.

a)    Integer overflow error when exporting a CCMS claim containing more than 215 items in a grid.
b)    Opening a file with a disbursement set to Non-Expert – Other caused it to be reset to Expert – Other.
c)     Family Rates box on Other Public Law page of the Legal Aid Claim Settings window altered to show options for both Prescribed and Care rates.
d)    Claims for assessed costs causing an erroneous warning about disbursement only claims.

a)    LA codes entered manually via the edit attendance window export using the case with which they were entered.

4. History / Undo
a)    Occasional AV on Undo/Redo of pasting rows into an empty grid.
b)    AV on Undo/Redo of move item between grids.