CostsMaster 4.3.37 Public Beta

Version 4.3.37 is now available to download as a public beta.

New in 4.3.37

a)    Claims for costs in family cases where work was done in multiple courts are now supported.
b)    Claims for pre-HCC costs that would be fixed fee are now claimed as exceptional.

2. N260
a)    Warning when exporting a mixture of limited and non-limited parts.

3. Legal Aid Claim Settings Window
a)    Unticking the “Other Providers Acted” box does not disable the “Change of Solicitor half fee” or the “First Firm Acting” boxes
b)    New “note” link adjacent to the “Other Providers Acted” box which displays the guidance received from the LAA on completing this box.

4. Documentation
a)    User Guide and help file updated.

Bug Fixes

1. N260
a) Typo in Hearing Description preset text