CostsMaster 4.4.15 Public Beta Available

CostsMaster 4.4.15 is now available to download as a public beta.

New in 4.4.15

1. Case Plans
a) New CCFS Single Advocate Case Plan.
b) New fields in Part Events Options to record the VAT values for Profit, disbursements and Counsel fees. Shift + Enter auto-complete shortcuts apply to the fields

2. Costs Budgets
a) New option to compare budget against anticipated costs or all costs.

Bug Fixes
a) First outcome box on page 2 of the CLAIM1A positioned too far to the left.

2. Costs Budgets
a) Client budget percentages (in hints) not including non-phase costs in the calculations.

3. Exported Bills
a) AV when exporting a bill where the specified documents schedule template does not exist on the system

4. Control Centre
a) Running totals showing VAT on events when VAT is disabled at bill level.

5. History / Undo & Redo
a) Undo & Redo not working in Costs Budget Window.

6. Grids
a) AV when Resetting Grid Settings before the current part description change has been applied.

7. Procedural Step Events
a) Setting the name of a Counsel to “Unassigned” resulted in a prompt to create a Counsel called “Unassigned”.
b) Solicitor Events set to “With Counsel” whilst a solicitor advocate case plan type was selected did not show the correct total in the procedural steps grid or the control centre if the case plan type was changed to a non-solicitor advocate type.

8. Import Work
a) Parts window not updated after importing parts.
b) Error creating contingent phases when importing parts.

9. Misc
a) Check for Updates not enabled on recent OSes where the user had administrative privileges but CM was not running with those privileges.
b)         Trial mode restriction did not take into account FAS or Events