CostsMaster 4.4.19 Public Beta Available

Available to download from the beta downloads page.

New in 4.4.19

1. Case Plans
a)    Counsel Expenses now completed in CCFS Case Plan (comprising any procedural step disbursements that are not tagged with the Counsel FGF/FAS property and where the costs of the part do not comprised escaped costs or previous solicitors costs).

2. Phase Bills
a)    Warning given if success fee is not included in a phase bill due to a missing “Unassigned” phase.

3. Documentation
a)    User guide and help file updated.

Bug Fixes

1. Case Plans
a)    (in 4.4.17) Typo on Previous Solicitors page of CCFS form
b)    (in 4.4.17) Unable to select Case Plan Part Type of Escaped Costs via Export Wizard