CostsMaster 4.5.4 Public Beta

An update to the public beta version is available to download.

New in 4.5.4:

1. Costs Budgets
a)    (in 4.5.3) Budget Costs limited to minimum of 1% or £1000 rather than maximum of those figures
b)    (in 4.5.3) Budget Costs amount cells not right aligned in RTF document.
c)    (in 4.5.3) Expert Fee Summary title and total text altered to make plain it applies only to expert reports.
d)    (in 4.5.3) Very long parties to the action not displaying well on spreadsheet versions.

2. Grids
a)    Occasional AV when moving parts up or down.

3. Parts
a)    Moving a part that uses rates from another part higher than that other part caused an unnecessary warning and reset the part to use its own rates.