CostsMaster Version 4.5.7

Version 4.5.7 of CostsMaster is now available to download.

New in 4.5.7

1. Exported Bills

a) New option in Bill Settings > Phase bills to export phases as sub-parts with summaries. When enabled (the default) each phase in a phase bill will have

– a heading at the start of each phase expressing the phase as a sub part i.e. “Part 1a – Pre-action costs”

– a simplified sub heading for the pre-budget / budgeted section

– a sub total in the columns at the end of the phase, the text for which is in italic. If there is both pre-budget and budgeted work in the phase then a further phase total is shown

– the part total is now shown in bold to further distinguish it from the phase totals.

b) New export phrases for the heading, pre-budget heading, budgeted heading, pre-budget total, budgeted total and grand total.

c) New phase bill templates in the traditional format.

d) Chronology now maintained separately from parts and sorted by date


2. Costs Budgets

a) New template giving an alternative layout with 2 phases per page on all pages and the expert fee summary on its own page.

b) An expert fee disbursement can be recorded by including the word “disbursement” in the description.

c) If the Disbursement type field is blank the payee field will be used instead.

d) Expert fees in the Fee summary now also appear in the addendum

e) If the number of entries in the fee summary in the official template are exceeded then a message directing the viewer to the addendum is added (there is no limit on the number of expert fee summary items in the alternate template).

f) Expert Fees ad Expert disbursements are segregated in the addendum


Bug Fixes


1. Exported Bills

a) Option to not show Letters In at zero rates not recognised for phase bills

b) Procedural Steps with a different phase to its attendance and disbursements appeared in a separate section in the phase bill.

c) Success fees not being included under non-phase costs in the phase summary

d) VAT total sometimes out by a couple of pence on Family Fixed Fee bills due to effects of rounding

e) Default template used when no template is selected did not take account of the Show Features setting.


2. History/Undo

a) Not correctly restoring letters in created by shortcut in party details window


3. Costs Budgets

a) Excel version of Precedent H did not print correctly.

b) Line Thickness of Expert Fee Summary section incorrect for RTF and PDF

c) Budget Percentage figure being included in RTF versions even when option to do so is not selected.

d) Typo in budget discussion hint.

e) Phase title in Disbursement addendum sometimes breaking across pages unnecessarily.

f) Excel Disbursement Addendum headings sometimes missing cell borders.

g) It was possible to set the budget and offered amounts for the unassigned work via the Edit window.

h) Tab Order on Edit costs Budget Phases window incorrect.

i) Sort by Natural order did not take into account the standard order of phases.


4. Enhancement

a) Setting the exclusion in the Edit Enhancement window using lower case text did not work


5. Disbursements

a) Setting the Disbursement group and type values with lower case text failed to work

b) Incorrect tab order on Edit Disbursement Window

c) On the Edit Disbursement window, the list of disbursement types was cleared if you tabbed or clicked through the Disbursement Group box without selecting anything.


6. Attendances

a) Setting the LA Activity value in the Edit Attendances window using lower case text did not work.